Red-nosed E&Y count for charity

For the second successive time, the firm is expecting to receive an average of 12 bags of mail per day for the next six to eight weeks.

Last year the firm handled over 60,000 cheques, and this year it will again take delivery of donations, record and deposit them, and administer the cash book on behalf of the charity body.

In 1999, E&Y added up cheques to the value of Pounds 5.5m earmarked for the poorest people in the UK and Africa, and this year the firm is again preparing for an enthusiastic response.

A spokesperson told the mood at the firm’s London offices was very relaxed. And visitors to E&Y today might be in for quite a shock.

Gone will be the dark suites, stiff collars and corporate ties. Staff are expected to come into work wearing red, while those who have made a donation, will be allowed to wear denim jeans, in addition to their bright red noses.

The E&Y canteen will be a hub of activity during lunch time, with the kitchen serving ginger bread men clad in pants. Staff art is also being auctioned, with 50% of the proceeds going to Comic Relief.

Other activities planned include a staff quiz and a ‘weakest link’ style gameshow for partners, while the E&Y website has also got into the mood, sporting a gyrating pair of red polka dot underpants

E&Y chairman Nick Land said that while staff would have a great time on Red Nose Day, they were extremely pleased to be ‘supporting Comic Relief’s serious commitment to improving communities here and abroad.’


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