FTSE-100 bosses earning £900,000 more a year

The debate on whether the massive salaries paid to chief executives of the
UK’s biggest companies are justified will be reignited following research by
Incomes Data Services which found
that their average wage rose 43% in one year.

According to IDS, the chief executives of the country’s 100 largest listed
companies earned an average of £2.9m in 2005-6, up sharply from £2m the previous

This means that the typical boss earns 86 times more than a typical employee.

Top of the list was Sir Martin Sorrell, head of advertising firm
WPP, who earning £17.1m in total remuneration.

Next in line was Michael Davis from mining group
Xstrata who earned £15.3m, followed by
Bart Becht from pharmaceutical group Reckitt Benckiser, who earned £13.6m.

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