Taking Stock – Blair in a spin as PWC secretary takes her turn in the

TS was shocked and horrified at one of the most blatant pieces of spin doctoring since the government came to power. Picture the scene. Another sickly sweet photo opportunity of the ‘people’s’ prime minister had been planned, with him riding on a commuter train and striking up a conversation with a member of the public. However that member of the public ignored the premier and continued to listen to the music on her walkman instead. That commuter was Georgina Leketi-Solomon, a secretary for PricewaterhouseCoopers. What followed – one assumes instigated by the PR machine at PwC – was shockingly opportunistic. The accountancy PR team made even Number 10 press secretary Alastair Campbell look like a novice in a move more outrageous than the spinning that accompanied the row in Helsinki between EU members over the dangers of British beef. They set up a remake of the chance meeting and planned to make a happy ending by picturing Leketi-Solomon actually chatting to the premier – this time at Number 10. However, TS has learnt that all wasn’t what it seemed as Leketi-Solomon was turfed out of Downing Street without so much as a cup of tea for her troubles.

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