Vantis offices hit by ‘mail bomb’ attack


Two men working in the Berkshire offices of accountancy firm
Vantis have
suffered minor injuries after a ‘mail bomb’ attack.

According to the BBC ,
Thames Valley Police were called in to Vantis’ offices in the Oaklands Business
Centre in Wokingham this morning when an item of mail ignited.

The office has been evacuated and cordoned off by police, who said it was too
soon to speculate as to whether the attack was linked with a similar incident at
the offices of Capita yesterday.

Vantis spokesman Ross Clarkson said the package, which had exploded, had not
been addressed to Vantis, but to one of the firm’s clients who used the
Wokingham office as a registered address. He was not able to disclose the name
of the company.

Clarkson said the two members of staff had received ‘superficial’ injuries.
He also said Vantis had no links
Capita and that to the
best of his knowledge Vantis had not been targeted specifically.

Thames Valley Police were called to the incident by the ambulance shortly
after 9am, while emergency services attended to two people who sustained minor
injuries in the small explosion.

A police spokesman said the investigation was taking place but no suspects
had yet been arrested.

‘We don’t have any ideas yet as to who may be responsible,’ the spokesman
said. ‘Police have evacuated the building and placed a cordon around the scene.
An investigation has been launched, though it is likely an item of mail ignited
and caused the injuries. We are aware of a similar incident in London yesterday
but it is too soon to speculate as to whether this is connected.’

Vantis’ Wokingham office offers accountancy, tax, business services and
professional advice to owner-managed businesses and private individuals.

Vantis has received security advice regarding its other UK offices and is
following this advice. Vantis employs more than 1,000 people in 19 locations in

Staff at the Berkshire office have been sent home for the day.

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