Pegasus unleashes Mpower

More than a year after announcing the product, Kettering-based Pegasus finally launched its 32-bit Mpower accounting package last week (23-27 November).

The first release of Pegasus Mpower, which will ship when Microsoft’s SQL Server 7 goes on general release in mid-December, includes a system manager, sales ledger and report writer. A release scheduled for ‘early next year’ will feature euro-compliant triangulation requirements and additional modules such as sales order processing.

Mpower brings Pegasus up to date with current electronic commerce trends by including a toolkit linking the general ledger to a website catalogue.

It also offers multilingual and multicurrency processing capabilities.

Jonathan Hubbard-Ford, chief executive of Pegasus Software, said Mpower would form the backbone of the company’s next product range, and would provide a building block for resellers and developers to create specialist applications. ‘Mpower will become the market leader in 1999,’ he boasted.

Hubbard-Ford admitted to feeling some frustration about last-minute changes to SQL 7 which set back Mpower’s shipment date. ‘We committed to products using Microsoft technology from the early days, but complex products like Mpower have a long gestation period,’ he said.

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