Lord Levy’s accountancy training ‘key to enquiry’

The accountancy training of Tony Blair’s chief fundraiser Lord Levy is
emerging as a key element in the ‘cash for honours’ enquiry.

The prime minister’s friend and tennis partner – dubbed Lord Cashpoint for
his success at extracting money for Labour from wealthy businessmen – trained at
Lubbock Fine (Chartered Accountants) from 1961 to 1966 before setting up his own
firm managing the financial affairs of pop stars such as Alvin Stardust and
Chris Rea.
Last week, he was arrested and bailed in connection with the probe into whether
cash gifts and loans to major political parties resulted in peerages breaking a
1925 law by the Metropolitan Police. He was interviewed twice.

So far more than 50 people – including ministers Lord Sainsbury (a major
Labour donor and lender) and Ian McCartney – have been seen by the investigating

Senior Labour sources are now worried that Lord Levy’s accountancy background
mean he will have kept meticulous records of all transactions and conversations
relating to helping bankroll the party.

His friends have said he will not be ‘the fall guy’ for Blair and the Tory
High Command.

One senior party figure said: ‘The worry is if this gets serious, Lord Levy
will not merely know where the bodies are buried but, as an accountant, exactly
where, when and how.”

Tony Blair has said he is confident there was no wrongdoing or law breaking
involved in Labour’s fundraising. Likewise, millionaire Lord Levy expressed
disappointment at his ‘theatrical arrest’ saying there was no need for it, as he
was co-operating fully and prepared to provide any documents the investigation

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