Summer slaughter games to replace football fever

After a long, hard winter, TS finally knows that summer is on the way when FA Cup final weekend arrives – although judging by the weather, you could easily fail to notice.

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For a brief three-month period, barring World Cups or European championships, the national game relinquishes its stranglehold on the back pages of the nation’s newspapers to cricket and tennis.

But it’s not giving up its dominance without a fight, and seems to be having one last kick before its hibernation by turning up in the financial news, in the most unusual places.

Many of you won’t fail to forget one particular game in the 1986 Mexico World Cup where a certain Diego Maradona cemented his reputation as a footballing genius and a dirty cheat. But the ‘Hand of God’s’ brace in England’s 2-1 defeat to Argentina is apparently the perfect example of old and new monetary policy, according to the Bank of England.

Elsewhere, the takeover of Manchester United dominates, throwing the position of FD Nick Humby into doubt. Some may say that he signalled his intentions when he recently bought more shares, although given the number involved, TS doesn’t think he must be that confident of his job security.

Outside of footy, the ancient summer sport of throwing Christians to the lions could well make a metaphorical appearance, when Eric Anstee addresses the CIPFA conference. Unashamed of our obsession with gore, TS is trying to book front row seats.

Any accountants interested in this sport may want to play the metaphorical Christians to the BBC’s lion in a new series looking at business problems, the details are here for any budding Ricky Gervais types.

TS is off now to take an early advantage of the British summer. Fear not, we will have our trusty brolly and anorak with us at all times.

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