Workplace diversity a ‘PR stunt’

Two thirds of accountants in the UK believe diversity initiatives in the
workplace are nothing more than a ‘glorified PR stunt’ following a survey by
financial recruitment specialist, Hewitson Walker.

One accountant working in a bank said that almost everyone at his firm at a
senior level was white, middle class and male.

‘There’s supposed to be a level playing field here, but the only women who
really get on are those who are willing to forego a family and commit completely
to the bank,’ she says. ‘There are a few at senior level with children, but if
they ever get to see them it must be a minor miracle.’

More than half of respondents said they believed diversity programs were just
to generate good PR, while 73% thought that it was because they feared
prosecution under discrimination laws.

Only 29% believed that companies had a genuine commitment to creating a
diverse workforce at all levels, Online Recruitment magazine said.

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