Primarolo backs revised tax deadlines

Paymaster general Dawn Primarolo announced on Tuesday that the government
would accept Lord Carter’s revised recommendations to push back the SA online
filing deadline to 31 January, and 31 October for paper returns.

‘This updating of the self-assessment system takes account of the views of
tax professionals and the operational requirements of HM Revenue &
Customs,’ said Primarolo.

With Carter also recommending that tax advisers and HMRC look at ways to help
taxpayers pay earlier, ICAEW’s Paul Aplin said that the profession was ‘happy’
to enter into discussions.

‘We’re happy to do that but it must be sensible for everyone.’

Carter had recommended that the online filing deadline be moved from 31
January to 30 November, with paper filing brought forward to

30 September. Their initial plans were met with dismay by the accounting
profession, which claimed that they would cause workflow problems and a greater
likelihood of incorrect tax submissions.

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