Email exposes ex-WorldCom exec

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Investigators searching WorldCom’s servers have found an email from former WorldCom controller David Myers, who was charged on 1 August with fraud for allegedly helping to hide billions in expenses, telling a London-based executive to stop talking to audit firm Andersen.

According to USAToday Steven Brabbs was told: ‘I do not want to hear an excuse, just stop. Don’t make me ask you again.’

The emails were released by the House Financial Services Committee, which is investigating WorldCom: ‘It shows you the opposition that [Brabbs] ran into and the intimidation he encountered,’ said panel spokeswoman Peggy Peterson.

A previously released email showed Brabbs being rebuked for questioning WorldCom’s accounting in 2000. He says he questioned an entry that reduced expenses by $33.6m. WorldCom says it is cooperating with all investigations.

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