SNP’s local tax saved by the Greens

The SNP was forced to back
an amendment to its local income tax (LIT) proposal put forward in
by two Green MSPs in return for their support to block Labour’s
attempt to defeat LIT.

The Green amendment opened up consultation to replace the council tax with
other alternatives, including their own land-value tax and was carried by 65
votes to 61 after being backed by the SNP and Lib Dems against a Labour-Tory
coalition, the Scotsman reports.

Labour MSP Andy Kerr opening the debate at Holyrood yesterday, labelling
SNP’s plan ‘the Nat tax’, claiming it was ‘getting a worse reception than
Thatcher’s poll tax’, while senior Tory MSP David McLetchie doubted the Scottish
Parliament had the power to introduce it.

Tory finance spokesman Derek Brownlee said the SNP plan had escaped its ‘day
of reckoning’ because the Green amendment gave it the chance to continue.

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