Whistle-blowing in vogue

Link: EC whistleblower named Personality of the Year

Public Concern at Work – lobbyists for employees who expose malpractice in the workplace – said the corporate view of whistleblowers was being transformed. Anna Myers, the charity’s deputy director, said: ‘The whole view of whistleblowers has changed from one of disloyal pariahs to people trying to do their job well.’

Her comments follows last week’s victory by Andreasen in the Accountancy Age Awards. Andreasen picked up the accolade, despite having been suspended from her job for the past year. The European Commission’s chief accountant had publicly alleged that serious weaknesses existed in the EC’s accounting procedures.

Raj Bairoliya, managing director of Forensic Accounting, established a free online fraud hotline in 2001 to enable employees to anonymously report suspicious activities.

‘The problem is with employers, not employees, and will remain so until they begin to accept whistleblowers in the way the public does – as good guys trying to help them,’ he said.

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