No NI numbers for illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants will no longer be issued with national insurance numbers
toi stop them claiming state benefits, the government has announced.

This follows a report by The Times which disclosed that NI
numbers are being issued even though officials know applicants have falsified
immigration papers.

According to The Times, the government was alerted to the abuse of
NI numbers six year ago, but the Department for Work and Pensions claimed that
ministers had become aware of the problem only ‘recently’.

Yesterday a government spokesman said that ministers had decided to change
the law.

‘Having reviewed this issue, ministers have decided to change the law as soon
as possible so that people who have no right to live or work in this country are
not given a national insurance number,’ a spokesman for John Hutton, the work
and pensions secretary, said.

The change will be made in secondary legislation expected to be introduced in

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