Taking Stock – Only power lunches now, says new institute chief.

Pugnacious bon viveur and new president of the English ICA, Graham Ward, has been noted as a heavyweight performer since his ringside days captaining the Oxford University boxing team. These days the affable pugilist is neatly classified by friends and colleagues as ‘dreadnought weight’ – taking note of his professional stature and propensity to pack in a powerful lunch or two as much as his ability to deliver a knockout punch. Naturally, the gourmand international gas and energy specialist and PricewaterhouseCoopers senior partner decided to get to know two of his newly appointed deputies at the institute. And with a familiar venue in mind, he took fellow PwC partner Peter Wyman and Michael Groom, a distinguished sole practitioner out for a slap-up luncheon at his favourite London eating hole. Wine flowed and it is reported the food was excellent as the trio tucked in to an afternoon ruminating on their new roles at the helm of the auspicious body. But, the generous new leader was sent into a state of shock when the bill arrived at the end of the meal. ‘Good grief!,’ guffawed the institute’s new main man. ‘This bill is less than when my wife Anne and I last dined here.’ And leaning forwards, he growled at his companions and gastronomic minnows: ‘What a pair of wimps.’ Largesse Ward clearly exudes by the plenty, but the new ICA battle cruiser is not afraid to pack a punch in at the end of a friendly working lunch. ?:

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