HMRC set to reveal SA filing strategy

The accounting profession and general public should find out HM Revenue
& Customs’ strategy for implementing the controversial new self-assessment
filing deadlines later this week.

Following discussions at the beginning of the month between HMRC and various
accounting and tax institutes, the department is expected to provide more detail
about how, and if, it will stick to Lord Carter’s recommendations to shorten SA
filing deadlines to 30 September for paper filing and 30 November for online
returns – from 31 January.

‘The number of people potentially affected by the deadlines is enormous,’
said ICAS tax director Derek Allen, who attended the meetings. ‘I anticipate
there will be a widespread and public announcement from HMRC this week.’

Allen said that discussions with the department had been ongoing and
‘relatively constructive’.

ACCA head of tax Chas Roy-Chowdhury said Lord Carter had opened a ‘can of
worms’, and a movement in the deadlines should open up debate with HMRC about SA
filing in general.

‘Let’s discuss filing enquiry windows with HMRC, or if they want to encourage
online filing then why not push that deadline out further from 31 January to 31

HMRC was unable to confirm when it would provide more information.

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