New payroll software for Armstrong Watson

Top 30 firm Armstrong Watson has rolled out payroll bureaux software across
its 15 offices.

The software, provided by Rutherford Webb, was selected for its Windows-based
interface and its ability to handle large volumes of different payrolls. AW
currently administers 1,300 payrolls on behalf of its clients.

‘Since implementing Payrite we have improved our efficiency in client
service, our business has doubled and profitability has improved,’ said AW’s
payroll services manager Brian Stenhouse. ‘On average, we produce about 22,000
payslips a month on behalf of clients.’

Payroll staff can view all the payrolls on the system, subject to security
settings. Non-payroll staff, such as accountancy managers, also have read-only
access to P60 information for tax self-assessments. Managers responsible for
corporate tax compliance on company benefits, including customer car fleets, can
also view P11D information.

As part of the additional services offered by the company, bonus schemes and
pension calculations often need to be calculated, which requires the exporting
of data into spreadsheets. The results are then imported back into Payrite.

Armstrong Watson also carries out year-end P35 e-filing for all payroll
clients using the software.

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