Former FD and magistrate sentenced for tax fraud

A former FD and magistrate today received a suspended nine-month sentence and fine for tax fraud.

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Nottingham-based Thomas Jagger, former finance director of Natgraph, had pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud. This included submitting false corporation tax returns and failing to account correctly to the Revenue for the tax and national insurance contributions owed under PAYE by Natgraph.

Judge Goodier said that the Inland Revenue had been ‘defrauded over a lengthy period of time’.

As well as being a finance director and magistrate, Jagger was also a member of both CIMA and ACCA.

His nine-month jail sentence was suspended for two years, and he must pay a total of £50,663 in fines, compensation and court costs.

‘The Inland Revenue places great reliance on the honesty and integrity of directors, accountants and magistrates. If we find evidence that a person is involved in tax fraud, he or she is likely to be prosecuted,’ said the Revenue.

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