KPMG launches e-biz firm

Metrius has been formed to enable clients to build and scale successful e-businesses by exploiting the very best practice from new and proven economies.

“It’s not enough to be really creative, innovative and quick around the block any more,” said Metrius’ CEO Clive Pinder, adding, “established companies seeking to exploit technology to move closer to their customers need the rigour and experience of a company like KPMG Consulting married with the very best new economy disciplines. We have a team of some of the most talented individuals from new economy consultancies, complemented by seasoned consultants from KPMG Consulting, who subscribe to this belief. Together we will build a company and culture with the powerful message and support of ‘KPMG Consulting inside’.”

Pinder previously worked with Viant, a leading US e-consultancy as client partner and director responsible for managing international growth in Asia Pacific. Other key hires are director of technology Paul Jones from Cambridge Technology Partners and Paul Bishop, director of experience and design, from Icon Medialab.

Metrius will be focused on delivering across five practice areas: strategy, technology, client leadership, experience and design, and human network interaction. It will also have access to the financial and human resources of KPMG Consulting, employing around 20,000 professionals in Europe alone.

KPMG launched Metrius in the US in 1999, where it has built a highly successful track record, serving corporations that include Motorola, Xircom, Macromedia and Compaq.

Alan Buckle, KPMG chief executive, said: “Metrius represents a substantial commitment by us to the rapidly growing business consultancy market in the new economy. It will complement our existing activities in this arena, leveraging our deep industry experience and integration resources. We felt that this market is best addressed by an organisation with a distinctive new economy culture and approach.”

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