Spotlight: Clubs score on web

Sunderland will be hoping for a strong performance after witnessing its rival reveal high transfer fees and dropping player values, contributing to a pre-tax loss of £18.9m on Monday.

The plcs of the two Premiership clubs said the results could be the last results announced before the impending decision on whether or not to scrap the transfer system – a major component in the make-up of their dealings.

If, as is widely expected, the transfer system is scrapped or changed, income, and possibly more markedly, expenditure will be reduced.

At the moment, what a club spends or receives in the transfer market makes up a large percentage of a club’s overall financial make-up. If the system is scrapped, more revenue is expected to be paid into players’ salaries.

But with the upwardly spiralling commercial spin-offs available to the top clubs, deals involving clubs and media companies are set to become a major part of clubs income.

Sunderland financial controller Peter Walker is expected to release figures which show growth in turnover and revenue from gate receipts.

To the delight of the supporters, but maybe not the financiers, the club also resisted the temptation to cash in on the clubs biggest asset – England striker Kevin Phillips – who was subject to speculation of a £15m+ transfer during the summer after scoring 30 Premier League goals last season.

Meanwhile, Newcastle financial controller Ken Slater – installed by the club last month – told Accountancy Age a major aspect amid the release of the results were announcement plans for the future of the internet rights of the club.

Slater, added: ‘Highlights which showed up on the balance sheet included income from the £25m media deal we signed with NTL, of which £10m was paid to us in January.’

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