Business advisers predict fraud ‘to explode’

BDO Stoy
in its annual report on fraud, is warning against ‘an explosion’ of
corporate fraud in 2008, particularly service industries such as IT, as managers
desperate to keep their jobs manipulate the books.

Simon Bevan, BDO head of fraud services, said fraud was more likely to be
discovered in a downturn when accounts came under closer scrutiny. In 2007, 267
cases of business fraud were reported in 2007, worth more than £50,000, with a
total value of just above £1bn.

Alex Plavsic, the head of fraud investigations at
KPMG, told Financial
that, if the current credit crunch did lead to a slowdown in 2008,
some high-value frauds in its wake could be expected.

KPMG said fraudsters were more likely to come from outside the organisation
they were defrauding. Over the past four years, employees and managers had
carried out the same number of frauds as outsiders but managers’ frauds at 48
were worth £346m as opposed to the 54 frauds by employees, valued of just £37m.

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