Outrage at Lay’s death at ski resort

Reports that convicted fraudster Ken Lay died while staying at his luxury
house located at an exclusive ski resort have sparked angry responses from
former Enron employees.

In Houston, callers to radio stations expressed outrage that he had been
allowed to continue enjoying such conditions while awaiting sentencing.

As many as 21,000 employees lost their jobs as a result of the fraud at the
energy giant, which also saw accounting firm Andersen collapse in its wake.

Lay’s personal wealth was estimated at $400m (£217m) and he owned as many as
14 homes.

The Guardian revealed that the disgraced former Enron boss was
pronounced dead at the casualty department of hospital near his holiday home
near Aspen, Colorado, after being rushed their in the early hours of Wednesday

The Colorado authorities said the reason for his collapse would be determined
by an autopsy.

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