Growing businesses are failing to keep up with the internet revolution

The research, a survey of 200 senior executives in UK growth companies, concludes that there is serious concern about the way in which smaller companies are embracing modern technology, as one-third of respondents said that they have no intention of trading on or through the Internet in the future.

Stoys e-business manager Jonathan Corkey said: ‘It is extraordinary that 75% of companies believe that their business is not suited to trade over the net.’By 2003, it is estimated that up to a quarter of all business processes will be made using the internet.

Other results of the survey shows that among companies already using the Internet, 79% said that this type of trading accounted for ‘very little’ of their business, while a third of firms working online said that using the Internet had increased their business a little.

Just 6% said that using the internet had increased their business significantly while 61% said that it had made no difference.

E-Business Race – Don’t get left behind

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