Tesco backs Guardian executive on its board

The chief executive of the Guardian Media Group, Carolyn McCall, who is also
a Tesco non-executive, has received the supermarket’s support despite a tax
libel row between Tesco and the Guardian newspaper.

The Independent reports that McCall has been a Tesco non-exec since
2005, but has faced no pressure from the retailer to stand down after Tesco
filed a High Court writ against the Guardian over a story it ran on
Tesco’s tax arrangements.

Tesco said McCall had absented herself from any decisions on the matter and
that she still had ‘a valuable contribution to make’ to Tesco.

The Guardian Media Group said McCall had also absented herself from the media
company’s discussions on the legal case.

The case is thought to be one of the first ever where a libel action has been
brought over tax avoidance.

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