KMPG sells benefits of e-commerce

It is estimated that the UK could save up to #100bn a year by using e-commerce to reduce purchasing inefficiencies, according to KPMG Consulting.

In order to combat the apparent wastage the company has announced the launch of an e-commerce package.

The solution will integrate purchasing cards, electronic catalogues and back office systems, thus enabling organisations to procure items electronically thereby reducing costs. The solution is the result of a link up with Microsoft, SAP, Visa International, Hewlett Packard and Infobank.

The main wastage is due to the manual processes used at every stage of the purchasing process, from quotation and order approval to fulfilment and payment. KPMG estimates that 80 percent of the average purchasing department’s time is spent acquiring items such as computer hardware and stationery.

The partner responsible for e-commerce at KPMG Consulting, Paul Baker, commented: “KPMG Consulting has developed the e-commerce purchasing solution in response to the continual pressure on large organisations to reduce operating costs. Internet technologies have now matured sufficiently for companies to consider using them for mission critical tasks such as purchasing. And every pound saved through purchasing efficiencies will feed directly through to the bottom line of the company.”

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