Profession ‘will be outsourced’ in 30 years

Accountants in the UK could all be out of a job within the next generation,
according to a Princeton professor.

The dynamics of globalisation will mean that many jobs currently regarded as
highly skilled will in time be done more cheaply when outsourced, leaving many
traditional professions – lawyers, accountants and journalists – out of work
well before their careers end, according to
Professor Alan Blinder, a
well-respected US economics professor.

In an interview with the
, Professor Blinder said: ‘Lawyers involved in family disputes, and
criminal lawyers – they’ve got to stay around. But lawyers that write contracts,
and lots of accountants; maybe that kind of education is not such a fabulous
idea. Educating people to go into what I call the personal services is a good
idea – some of which don’t require all that much education – so electricians,
carpenters, plumbers, roofers – skilled trades.

‘This is a very new thought for the highly-educated, white-collar class to
think that they may have to compete with low-wage foreign workers. Manufacturers
have been doing that for generations. But accountants, lawyers, intellectuals?’

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