Taking Stock – No kid gloves at Kidsons.

Word has reached the TS newsdesk that the football-playing boys at the Glasgow and Edinburgh offices of HLB Kidsons have been on their best behaviour recently.

An employee at the firm, who keeps a careful watch, has informed us the offices – which come together to form a combined Kidsons team – have enjoyed something of an ‘infamous’ reputation over the last few years.

It appears that in days gone by the team engaged in what we may call dubious tactics – even when playing against teams from the same firm.

The employee, said: ‘It is certainly the case that they had trouble concentrating on the football rather than wiping out the competition by other means’.

As a direct result of this less than savoury behaviour, the team was banned from the firm’s annual ‘National Sports Day’ where offices gather to compete in Nottingham. However, it is understood they have been allowed to return to the competition.

We are glad to report that at the most recent sports day the team ‘behaved impeccably’, probably a good idea since the firm’s national managing partner and fellow respected partners were in attendance. ?:

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