ICA president is ‘out of touch’

The English ICA was accused at Tuesday’s agm of being a ‘rudderless, overloaded hulk, with a mutinous crew captained by an out-of-depth president’.

Tim Knight, a Hampshire sole practitioner, launched into the outburst while supporting Jeff Wooller’s motion to have the controversial Gerrard proposals put to a full membership vote.

‘Members’ fees funded the report, yet we’ve not been given a chance to vote on it. But council will just fudge the issue,’ Knight fumed. Gerrard had become an ‘albatross around the institute’s neck’, he added.

Attacking badgeholders, Knight said incoming president Chris Laine, was ‘out of touch,’ and that Moorgate Place needed a chartered accountant secretary general.

Laine said an institute report on the Gerrard proposals would be published in the summer. Wooller’s motion was defeated by 1,400 votes, including proxies.

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