Market guru facing tax evasion charges

Larry Richard Williams, the father of US actress Michelle Williams and a
well-known share market guru, has been arrested at Sydney Airport on his way to
speak at a series of financial seminars.

Williams was on his way to Australia from South Africa and was arrested after
US authorities issued a warrant for his return to the US where he is wanted on
charges of evading $1.5m (£833,000) in income tax.

Williams’ solicitor said his client was ‘travelled the planet’ without any
knowledge an indictment had been issued over his alleged tax evasion, reported.

Michelle Williams is the partner of Australian actor Heath Ledger, who both
starred in the Oscar-nominated film Brokeback Mountain. 

Larry Williams is charged with creating false documents and using multiple
bank accounts to evade his huge tax bill.

He is currently waiting to hear if an Australian magistrate will grant him

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