Accountant slams HMRC for holding back tax

A PKF tax partner in Birmingham, has
Revenue & Customs
(HMRC) for the ‘shocking way’ it is holding back
overpaid tax and the arrangements by which it is seeking to cut the deadline for
claims on money owed.

Simon Littlejohns is concerned changes to go through in the forthcoming
finance bill and legislation next month will not give taxpayers enough time to
find and rectify HMRC mistakes, Birmingham Post reports.

He says that, by aligning the taxpayers’ time limit at four years, the
government’s proposals effectively assume HMRC will never make major systematic
mistakes – ‘this has not proved to be the case in recent years’.

He has called on MPs to take notice, saying that, although the time limits
are being aligned and simplified, four years may simply not be enough for a
taxpayer to find and rectify a mistake.

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