Poynter to deliver verdict on HMRC IT failures

PricewaterhouseCoopers chairman Kieran Poynter is set to deliver his verdict
on the IT failures at the taxman as early as today.

Poynter’s report is scheduled for tomorrow, with the department braced for
more upheaval as the PwC boss delivers his verdict on whether the problems at HM
Revenue & Customs were ‘systemic’ or those of one junior official.

The loss of the data discs has caused huge political tremors, with the
government’s competence on the line. Poynter’s interim report is likely to look
at what went on, with the possibility also of provisional recommendations.

The past week and a half has seen the acting chairman at HMRC Dave Hartnett
appear to clash with politicians’ over what went wrong. Hartnett has suggested
the problems could be ‘systemic’ while Alistair Darling has attempted to paint
the problem as merely relating to a junior official.

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