Sword attack suspect made bankrupt

Ashman is currently being held on remand charged with murdering Liberal Democrat party worker, Andrew Pennington, with a samurai sword and attempting to murder Cheltenham MP Nigel Jones in his constituency office on 28 January 2000.

Bristol-based partner Tim Ball will now be dealing with his financial affairs irrespective of the ongoing criminal charges.

The bankruptcy petition was filed by nominees of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund prior to the alleged attack. A bankruptcy order was granted in May 2000 resulting in Ball being appointed this week.

In March last year a court was told how MP Nigel Jones was convinced that Ashman tried to murder him.

Ashman allegedly struck at Jones, who deflected a blow from the sword and managed to escape.

Pennington was found to be suffering from multiple fatal stab wounds to his chest and back.

Ashman’s lawyer has argued the murder charge involving Pennington should be dropped because no one saw his client attacking him.


Mazars Neville Russell

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