ICAEW: legal services bill ‘blocks multi-disciplinary practices’

Advisers looking to operate multi-disciplinary practices will have to wait
until 2011 due to the wording of the legal services bill, warns the ICAEW.

The institute has criticised lawmakers over the content of the bill currently
going through parliament, arguing that the wording slows up the provision of a
more open market for legal services.

Caron Bradshaw, business law manager at the
said the bill did not include a system to allow firms that want accountants and
lawyers as partners to be created more quickly.

Brashaw said a system where low-risk business structures can provide legal
services, such as a firm containing a combination of legal and accounting
professionals, should be introduced more easily than those containing

Bradshaw is unhappy that the
Department of Constitutional
does not expect accountants to be able to work in MDPs
until 2011, as all structures are treated as the same in the bill.

‘The DCA should have attempted some type of risk scale, they’ve not
considered the professional standing [of an MDP],’ said Bradshaw.

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