Obituary – Bill Morton

Bill Morton, a former chairman of Group A firm Pannell Kerr Forster, has died aged 73. Morton, a chartered accountant, began his accountancy career at Morton Bros, a Nottingham-based accountant, set up by his uncle and father. After his father retired, Morton led a merger with a local London firm before, in 1962, merging with another London practice, Fitzpatrick Graham & Co. The next merger, with Pannell Crewsdon & Hardy, created Pannell Fitzpatrick & Co, forerunner to the modern-day Pannell Kerr Forster. Morton remained as a senior partner at the Nottingham office, going on to become chairman of the firm in 1979. He eventually became international chairman.

Outside the profession, Morton was an avid cricket fan. He also ran for parliament for the Conservative party in 1970 in a traditional Labour seat.

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