Vodcast to help self-assessment filers

Taxpayers struggling to make sense of filing their self-assessment tax
returns online have been given a helping hand thanks to a new vodcast from HM
Revenue & Customs.

The vodcast will take people through the SA filing process. The dynamic
broadcast encourages ‘customers’ to file online rather than on paper.

Following the vodcast couldn’t be simpler. Viewers are taken through the
registration process and given a taste of what it is like to file online, as a
voiceover talks them through the main features of the system and gives useful
tips, like what sort of information they need to have to hand.

‘Filing online is safe, secure and easy, and last year around a third of SA
tax returns were filed online. We want this figure to be higher. We hope that
showing people how easy it is to use our online services will persuade more of
them to make the switch from paper filing. And they can also pay their tax
online,’ said HMRC head of self assessment Paddy Linford.

The deadline for filing SA tax returns, and paying any tax due, is 31

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