Deloitte boasts global growth

Deloitte has announced that its global revenues increased by 18.6% in 2008,
with the firm making $27.4bn (£13.6bn) worldwide.

Overall, the firm employed 15,000 more people, it said, with growth coming in
particular in staff numbers in Brazil, Russia, India and China. The growth came
mainly from the Asia Pacific region, where revenues grew by 30.3%.

The European, Middle East and Africa firms made 22.6% more than the previous
year, while the Americas increased by only 12.9%.

The firm is now so large, its US firm is even building a ‘Deloitte
University’, entailing an investment of $300m.

‘The decision to build Deloitte University is a very significant and tangible
commitment to our talent and to the importance of our culture,’ said Jim
Quigley, the firm’s global CEO.

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