‘We are too quiet,’ says GT’s Barnes

Scott barnes, gt chief executive

Waiting game: Scott Barnes

Grant Thornton’s chief executive-elect has said he will be more outspoken
when he takes over at the UK’s fifth biggest firm.

Scott Barnes, who takes over in December, has set up an internal blog
updating staff on what he is doing and what his approach will be. In a homepage
outlining his vision for the firm, he says: ‘We can be too quiet.

We need our leaders to embrace our strategy of speaking out on matters of
importance to both the accounting world and wider society.’

GT’s current chief executive Michael Cleary has kept a reasonably low profile
in his time in the role. A spokesman said Barnes was not intending to become the
new Jeremy Newman: ‘The blog has been very popular. The UK firm is [looking] to
adopt leading positions within the profession.’

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