Deloittes to follow Arthur Andersen dress-down move

Consulting staff af the firm were told at the beginning of the year they could ditch their traditional suits in favour of smart casual wear for day-to-day office work.

The firm has since been considering extending the relaxation to staff in audit and other departments, and it is understood that an email will be sent to all staff detailing the change in the near future.

A spokesman for the firm was unable to confirm or deny that an announcement was imminent.

The move would follow Arthur Andersens’ declaration in January that men would no longer be required to wear suits to work, the American-influenced firm becoming the first in the UK to adopt chinos and open-necked shirts for all staff.

But it seems the decision might not be universally well received. One Deloittes accountant told ‘I like wearing a suit.’I know exactly what I’m going to wear every morning and don’t have to make any fashion statements,’ he said. special feature: Death of the suit – Office casual: a guide

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