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Link: ICAEW and PwC offer one-year degree

The MSc in management accounting commences in September 2003 with the intention of training professionals to understand, evaluate and communicate financial information rather than just process it.

It is aimed at graduates that have already completed a first degree in accounting or finance or for those with related degrees who wish to validate their studies with practical experience.

Professor Robert Luther, the program leader at the business school, said: ‘The role of accounting professionals within organisations has changed considerably in recent years and the emphasis today is less on processing data and more on the intelligent interpretation of it within a strategic context.

‘This programme has been designed to enable those with career aspirations in the accounting profession to analyse and solve complex problems and to develop their skills and knowledge in order to think creatively about issues requiring a multi-disciplinary approach.

‘It will also allow students to reinforce and sharpen key transferableskills such as information accessing, analysis, giving presentations and writing reports.’

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