Call to stop Ahern appointing Irish tax chief

Ireland’s Labour party has demanded PM
be prevented from taking part in the appointment to the vacancy for
the country’s top taxman in the coming weeks as the present head of
Revenue, Frank Daly, stands
down on March 12 to take up the post of chairman of the newly established
Commission on Taxation.

The Irish Independent reports Ahern’s continued dealings with
Revenue commissioners over his possible tax liabilities means he must be
excluded from the decision, according to the Labour party.

Labour Party deputy leader Joan Burton said Ahern should not be involved in
the appointment process.

Ahern, whose tax affairs have been under scrutiny by Revenue over the past
year, has put €70,000 (?52,700) on account to deal with any potential tax
liability arising from the dig-out payments he received in the mid-1990s when he
was minister for finance.

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