Deloitte readies ITV Digital for possible sale

On Monday administrators were given an extra week by the high court to reach a settlement with the League.

The pay-TV operator was expected to put a new deal on the table today, but the withdrawal of the offer suggests that administrators have opted to liquidate the company.

Deloitte said: ‘The shareholders are re-evaluating the business plan and therefore no formal offer has been made to the Football League.

‘Discussions with all suppliers will continue. As indicated on 15 April, while we seek to establish whether the company can be preserved, we are also preparing the business for sale.’

The move also leaves Carlton and Granada wide open for attack as the League sues ITV Digital’s parent companies for £500m in advertising revenue.

ITV Digital’s demise leaves the League in dire straits and many of its clubs, which are already in administration, could face being merged or wound up if additional funding is not found.

An initial offer of £50m was dismissed by the League last month and the offer was later raised to £75m.

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