50 leading Tory MPs support tax cuts at conference

Fifty Tory MPs have supported right-wing party members’ demands that tax cuts
should form a prominent part of the Party’s campaign.

The leading Party members put their heads above the parapet at the Party
conference yesterday in a bid to secure assurances that tax cuts would be a
major part of the Torys’ designs.

This was in direct opposition to shadow chancellor George Osborne’s policy of
not compromising other economic plans in favour of tax cuts.

Osborne is hoping to appease the malcontents’ with his speech at the
Conference taking place later today. 

Tax has put a spoke in the works of David Cameron’s election juggernaut
and the recent debate has been sparked by the Thatcherite No Turning Back
group’s release of a pamphlet titled ‘The Case for Lower Taxes’.

In the introduction, group chairman and former cabinet minister John Redwood
‘Lower tax rates are not a desirable extra you can add when everything is going
fine. Lower tax rates are the way to get everything going well.’

Cameron’s designs for a united front against Blair et al took a serious hit
as the rebellious faction spoke out yesterday.

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