One in ten FDs will not vote.

More than one in ten finance directors have little intention of voting in next month’s general election, according to this week’s Accountancy Age/Reed Accountancy Personnel Big Question.

Some 85% say they will vote, but the 12% that are unlikely to do so will alarm politicians. A further 5% are unsure.

Prior to a visit to Scotland this week, prime minister Tony Blair said: ‘Labour today is the party of business and enterprise. There is now a chance of this country enjoying a stable economy for the first time in decades.’

But some FDs are sceptical, and intend to use their vote to make the point.

One said: ‘If people don’t vote the Labour victory will be inevitable. If we do, the vote will be accurate.’

Many believe if they don’t vote they have no right to complain. ‘I feel it essential that I use my right and vote. If you don’t vote, don’t moan afterwards.’

Although pessimists say one vote will not make a difference, some disagree, as one FD explained, ‘We only have to look at the presidential elections in America to see that one vote may make a difference.’

But some remained despondent, believing the choice is dismal. ‘Labour has gone too far right, and there is no credible alternative,’ said one, while another added, ‘I wouldn’t know which one to choose, they are all as bad as each other.’

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