Fannie Mae spends $1bn on restatements

US mortgage giant Fannie Mae has restated its accounts
from 2001 through to June 2004 following its huge accounting scandal, and faces
a ‘massive task’ to continue to restate its figures following for the next two

The restatement has wiped $6.3bn (£3.2bn) of profits off the company, and it
revealed the restatements work cost it a billion dollars.

The firm, which reportedly altered earnings to trigger management bonuses,
been heavily criticised
in a report by the Office of Federal Housing
Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) and the Securities & Exchange Commission for
its ‘unethical corporate culture’.

James B Lockhart, director of
the Office of Federal
Housing Enterprise Oversight
, said of the restatement: ‘Fannie Mae
faces enormous challenges in fixing its operational and risk management systems,
in (financial controls) compliance, and in producing audited financial
statements for 2005 and 2006,’ reported AFX.

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