MP seeks publication of tax calculation model

Tory MP Michael Jack tackled the prime minister on the issue during the first of his two annual appearances before an all-party group of the chairmen and women of House of Commons Committees.

He told him that chancellor Gordon Brown published the Treasury model for the economy as a whole but not the model used by the Inland Revenue which predicted tax revenues and therefore borrowing requirements and projected changes in tax rates.

Blair told him that he was not aware of the model and why it was not published and would consult the chancellor and write to him.

Environment Committee chairman Jack said: ‘I am not optimistic they will publish it. I know from my time in the Treasury is exists and in this time of open government, if the publish the overall model for the economy they can publish the tax model. It would be a good discipline for the government.’

Treasury select committee chairman John McFall called for the pre-Budget report to be fully debated in the Commons each year, Blair promised to consult with the Chancellor on the issue.

The prime minister was appearing before the Commons liaison committee.

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