Letters – 22 October

Typing euros with Web help

I tried the recent suggestions to get the euro symbol to work with my WP, without success. So I handed the problem over to our techies. Within 30 seconds, they said, ‘Microsoft website’.

Specifically, we went to www.microsoft.com/euro which tells you what to do depending on the version.

Ours is Windows 95 and we easily downloaded the patch within five minutes.

Now I can type Alt(gr) +4 and get the symbol. Other versions may be done differently, and those without an Internet facility may have to get a disk from Microsoft. Lotus also has a site, www.lotus.com/euro.

We trust that the rest of euro implementation will be as easy!

Chris Owen, financial controller, Pick Systems Ltd, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks

The ‘Age’ gets priorities right Mr Arnold (‘Letters’, 15 October) seeks to minimise the seriousness of the recent disciplinary proceedings against Spofforths. As one of the complainants in this case, I can reassure him that Accountancy Age did get its priorities right in the prominence accorded to this story.

Spofforths was disciplined on the basis of examples of service-charge certificates presented to leaseholders living in eight separate blocks of flats. Perhaps a question needs to be raised over how Spofforths escaped so lightly.

Nigel Wilkins, Harrington Road, London SW7

Too much give in euro battle I thought it significant that immediately above Malcolm Howard’s letter of 1 October (‘Letters’) was a picture of Alice in Wonderland.

I suspect that many people would have thought that it was not Alice who was in Wonderland but Mr Howard.

While he puts forward what he would like to happen and what he feels may happen, he does not, of course, give any reasons which can be logically understood as to why we should give the best part of two thousand years’ worth of financial inheritance to a non-elected body who we are unable to relate to, even less, influence.

Regrettably, I, like Mr Howard, am resigned to the fact that the single currency is likely to occur, the ultimate vote being as much rigged as previous votes on our continuing membership of what was originally conceived as a Common Market, developed into a European Economic Community, then a European Community and is now the European Union.

Some of us will, however, fight for what we believe are British interests.

Ours will be a genuine fight, not the sort of sham that has gone for the last three or four years with politicians of both the main political parties.

One wonders why the British have not been asked their views on what the embittered Edward Heath lumbered us with 25 years ago. Could it be like on other subjects, such as capital punishment, they don’t feel that the electorate can actually be trusted?

While Mr Howard may be in Wonderland, it would seem from our mutual antipathy for the Chartered Association’s merger plans that at least we have something in common.

Peter Broadley FCCA, Halifax

Masterful golf I think Accountancy Age should be proud of the way the Accountancy Age Masters, sponsored by NMB-Heller, has been organised this year. In its inaugural year, it has produced a huge amount of satisfaction to the players. I speak on their behalf I am sure but from my own perspective, I have never enjoyed a golf event quite so much. Thank you for all your efforts.

RF Brindle, Norfolk

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