ABI: drop anti-avoidance plans

The Association of British Insurers has called on the Treasury to drop its
obsession with ‘revenue neutrality’ on its plans to overhaul the taxation of
foreign profits.

The government wants to drop taxes on inbound dividends, but wants to tighten
up anti-avoidance rules elsewhere to make up for the tax loss.

‘It is vital that the government does not pursue revenue neutrality, which
invariably means complex and costly anti-avoidance measures, in a way that
imposes more burdens on business or restricts business development in the UK,’
Stephen Haddrill, ABI director general, said in a letter to chancellor Alistair

The body believes the review is important to keep the UK competitive.

A ‘surprisingly high proportion’ of the insurance industry had moved to very
low tax regimes, Haddrill added.

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