Reconciliation urged on the profession

Philip Turnbull, the chief executive of little-known accounting institute,
the Association of International Accountants (AIA), has
called for greater unity in the profession because of ‘recent press coverage
depicting rows between professional bodies’.

Turnbull said that after the blows dealt to the credibility of the
profession, following the accounting scandals that rocked the US, it was
essential that institutes put their differences aside and worked on rebuilding
the reputation of the profession ‘without compromise’.

‘We are all rightly accountable for our actions and those not behaving
ethically should be held answerable,’ Turnbull pleaded. ‘For the greater good of
the profession and the public perception of accountants, those in a role of
responsibility, as all professional bodies are, should see fit to resolve issues
without inciting tabloid drama.’

Turnbull said any disputes that could not be resolved amicably should be
resolved by the Professional Oversight Board for Accountants rather than
mudslinging in the press.

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