PwC tightens environmental rules on supply chain

PricewaterhouseCoopers met with its supply chain today to discuss tougher
measures on its carbon reduction policies.

The Big Four firm held its second Sustainability Forum which saw 20 of its
suppliers from IT, financial services and others, meet to discuss how they would
reduce their carbon footprint.

Roger Reeves, PwC partner with responsibility for infrastructure and
procurement said: ‘As the UK’s largest professional services firm we know PwC
has significant buying power and that also brings responsibility too.’

‘In the current economic climate cost is important, but we will not
compromise our sustainability objectives in our selection of goods or services’
he added.

PwC’s new targets include not sending any waste to landfill sites by 2013
through improving on its recycling measures, and although the firm has reduced
its current operations use of energy by 28% on 2003 levels, it hopes to increase
this by 10% in 2009.

The firm currently spends an estimated £500m on the procurement of goods and

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