Logica gets HR contract.

The company has also joined forces with HR specialist Pecaso to provide mySAP HR and payroll software, tailored for local government.

Faced with antiquated payroll and finance systems and a paper-based HR and procurement system, Waltham Forest ‘needed to get a single view of our data’, said Chan Badrinath, executive director of corporate services.

Having made this decision, the council considered software from Oracle, Agresso and SAP. All promised similar levels of functionality, but not all could demonstrate delivering on the promises, said Badrinath.

SAP was able to provide local government reference sites where they were running the four systems required. ‘I didn’t want Waltham Forest to be the first to trial it,’ she said.

Having chosen SAP, the council sought a supplier to implement it. ‘Logica showed us the work it was doing with Haringey. I liked its approach to implementation and project management,’ said Badrinath. Logica won the contract to run Haringey’s financial and HR systems last year.

Logica is responsible for upgrading the software during the lifetime of the contract. ‘We will be able to offer a smooth migration path when we need to upgrade,’ said David Lawson, enterprise sales director at Logica.

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