KPMG recommends Scots institute to new joiners but stops short of defection from English ICA

A spokesman for KPMG said: ‘We are currently working with both English and Scottish institutes on development of new syllabusses.

‘Our new joiners are currently strongly mandated to take the Scottish route but many come to us with the understanding that they would receive training via the English institute and we are not in the business of reneging on that understanding.

‘KPMG believes increased competition between the institutes may well result, next year, in an improved offering from the English institute, which has obvious benefits for individuals, the firm and of course our clients. The situation remains under review.’

The statements were in reaction to Ernst & Young’s announcement this morning that it was to start training all its chartered accountancy students through the Scots ICA from the autumn.

The move follows the English institute’s failure to introduce optional papers, or ‘electives’, after members voted against such a move last summer.

Ernst & Young becomes first Big Five firm to ditch English ICA over training dispute

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